ISON, Cobra, Tolec… A New Perspective [video]

Wow, this is current truth on the Event.

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Update: Feb 5, 2014 – Tolec took exception to the information below and posted a response on his web site. You may wish to read that here.  ~ BP

A reader shared this video just uploaded a few days ago. Thank you, Anna.

It’s a beautiful, high quality production but it’s in Romanian and the visuals contain almost no text, so they provided the translation in transcript form. I’ve pasted that below.

They say this information is not channeled, but comes directly from Sirian consciousness I think you’ll find interesting as many people don’t understand that there is consciousness to be found in more than just “beings”, but what we consider to be “objects”, and it is accessible to those who know how to tap into it.  There is much that has been hidden from us so I encourage everyone to be open-minded.

This information confirms my gut feeling…

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